Our Process

Unique, original & hand made with materials of the highest quality..


It all starts with an idea of one of our designers. Unique & original cannot be versatile. Our collections consist of single pairs of heels and each pair is a different dream of our designer.


We always want your input in TheHills projects. We want to know your opinion on our ideas because you will be the user of Minka products. You are the source of our solutions.


TheHills products are hand made with materials of the highest quality, natural materials.


Not only timeless & original but also functional. You will not want to take our heels off.


Every single pair of Minka is produced with great care, in small manufactories all over the world.

Iconic Brand

We appreciate the simple beauty and simple solutions. The best timeless design theme you'll find, because iconic brands aren't created using trends.

Our company is specialized in consulting, developing and expanding businesses and large enterprises.

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